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Items We Clean

  • Entire bathroom, including tough to remove hard water

  • Bathroom and kitchen fixtures

  • Outside of cabinets, interior of microwave

  • Grout and tiles

  • Blinds cleaned with light amount of product and microfiber clothes

  • Vacuuming furniture

  • Flooring will be vacuumed and mopped

  • Vacuuming under beds and accessible areas under furniture

  • Dusting all surfaces in the home

  • High areas of the home with a 15 foot extension

  • Switch plates and vents

  • All available baseboards

  • Changing linens (please leave on bed for cleaners, this is a complimentary item)

  • Interior window sills

  • Glass on any doors are included

  • Laundry Room including floor, cabinets and machine surfaces (finished areas only)

  • Emptying trash containers

Customer Guidelines

  • Guaranteed access, we can use a garage code, lockbox or hidden key as needed.

  • Check, cash,  or Credit card (4% processing fee) for payment day of service.

  • We are the only company on sight during the cleaning service.

  • The cleaning crew has access to water and electricity.

  • Note: We do not include walls, doors, floor grout or animal/human waste of any kind.

  • Note: Interior windows can be added per request for just the interior glass.  We do not clean window tracks and the window must be in the closed position.

  • Note: We use a 2 foot step ladder with an extension to clean high areas only to prevent injury.

  • Note: If something needs to be adjusted with your cleaning please email the office at

  • Note: There is a $60 cancelation fee for canceling withing 48 hours.

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