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14 Tips for the Cleanest Bathroom Ever

Who doesn't love the way their bathrooms smell and feel after some professional attention from a Littleton maid service? However, shortly after they're gone, your spaces slowly collect grime, clutter, and build-up that compromise the comfort of your bathroom. How can homeowners keep their bathrooms sparkling clean in-between visits from their favorite cleaning service in Littleton CO?

Keep the Clutter Under Control

These tips make it easy for your family members to control their own mess.

Place hampers in or near each bathroom. Empty them at least twice a week to avoid overflow. Assign the duty to a family member to ensure it gets done.

Use plastic organizers, hooks, and hangers to keep grooming items and supplies neat and accessible.

These solutions also work well for hair accessories, costume jewelry, decorative scarves, and other small fashion items.

Don't use your bathroom counters for storage. Put items back in their assigned areas after each use.

Make it a habit to put everything away each morning to keep your bathroom clutter free until your next scheduled house cleaning services.

Reduce Grime and Build-Up

After a house cleaning, Highlands Ranch residents enjoy sanitary and germ-free surroundings throughout their home. As time goes by, everyday life slowly redeposits all the dirt, dust, and film back on to surfaces and fixtures. Fight back against grime without wasting a lot of time with these tips.

Spray shaving cream around toilets to remove the smells and stains that little boys leave behind before mopping bathroom floors.

Use a squeegee and your favorite spray cleaner to quickly whisk away soap scum from showers and tubs.

Invest in spring-top refuse cans to keep germs contained.

Tackle the most common sources of dirt to control the health of the entire bathroom.

Do the Daily Five

The best way to keep your bathrooms fresh is with regular cleanings. Do these five things every day to preserve the cleanliness your Littleton house cleaning service provides.

Wipe down toilet bowl, sink, and tank.Spritz countertops with antibacterial cleanser and wipe thoroughly.

Clean mirrors and other shiny surfaces.

Empty hampers and trash cans and remove unnecessary items from counter spaces.

Daily maintenance between visits from your maid service will drastically improve the comfort of your home. For families with smaller children, it may be necessary to follow this routine twice each day.

Small Changes for Big Impact

These simple steps don't take up much time but can have a big impact on the way your bathroom feels.

Incorporate these changes into your routine to make your bathrooms look better, smell fresher, and be healthier.

Turn on the fan after each bath or shower to whisk away excess moisture and prevent mold growths.

Close your toilet lid before flushing to prevent the contents from covering your surfaces in a fine layer of vapor.

Switch out your towels at least once a week to keep damp fabrics from harboring harmful bacteria.

Clean your showerhead and shower curtain at least once a month.

You don't have to dread trips to the restroom in between services from your Littleton cleaners. Use these tips to keep your bathrooms under control until help arrives.

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