10 Surprising Things You Can Clean in Your Washing Machine

Whether we take it for granted or not, the washing machine is a remarkable invention that makes our day-to-day lives so much easier. It’s the perfect superhero sidekick that performs house cleaning services wonders well beyond your common laundry. Give these items a try in the washer between your next professional house cleaning in Littleton, CO.

1. Toys

Does Mr. Teddy or GI Jimmy look tuckered out from the action? Perk them up with a delicate cold wash inside a mesh bag. Most soft and plastic toys can be washed this way and ready for playtime! 

2. Canvas

Any items made with canvas, like shoes, backpacks, and ball caps with plastic rims, can be washed inside a pillowcase on a cold cycle. Brush off any loose dirt first, and ensure there are no fragile attachments like sequins or embroidery patches.

3. Car Mats

Surprise! Those nasty car mats can be transformed with stain remover and a warm water cycle. No more than several months at a time, though – washers aren’t too kind to the rubber backing.

4. Sports Gear

Freshen up sweaty gloves and elbow and knee pads in a warm wash cycle and laundry bags to protect your gear, then hang dry. Your family will thank you!

5. Patio Chair Cushions

Store your outdoor furniture cushions the right way by giving them a good wash. Run them through a regular cycle with detergent and one cup of white vinegar. Dry them out in the sun, and they’re ready for next summer!

6. Pillows

Make cleaning pillows an easier task by washing two at a time with a fast spin or extra rinse cycle, then drying with tennis balls until all the moisture is gone. 

7. Sneakers

You guessed it – the tried and true sneaker wash. Make sure to wash them inside a designated laundry bag to prevent scuffing. 

8. Curtains 

If they don’t require dry cleaning, you can effectively remove dust by washing curtains in cool water on a low-spin cycle. Dry them on a low setting, and they’re all set!

9. Shower Curtains

Yes, shower curtains count too! Plastic and fabric alike can be run in the washer to freshen them up. Cold for plastic and warm for fabric unless the directions say otherwise.

10. Reusable Shopping Bags

While you’re helping the planet out, do yourself (and your food!) a favor by freshening up reusable fabric bags in the washer on a cold cycle every so often. Hang them out to dry, and you’re good to go shopping again!

Which items that you can clean in the washing machine surprised you the most? Post and share with us on our social media pages and tell us what you think! And whenever you need a dependable Littleton maid service to count on, the Mountain Meadow Maids are here for you. Simply give us a call, and we’ll be glad to schedule a cleaning service that meets your needs.