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How to Dispose of a Real Christmas Tree (Without Making a Mess)

Christmas trees are a symbol of the everlasting joy of giving. Family and friends gather around them to celebrate bonds and make merry. Once the festivities end, however, these magnificent monuments of the season quickly become a space-wasting eyesore. After the holiday is over, how can homeowners in Littleton CO dispose of their live Christmas trees without making a mess of their home, yard, and vehicle? Follow these steps to clear out your tree without wrecking your surroundings.

Get Your Supplies Ready

Taking down a live evergreen tree can be a sticky job. Get your supplies together before you begin for a smoother process. You'll need:

A thick plastic tarp that is large enough to cover the area around your tree.Pruning shears.Plastic grocery bags or small-sized trash bags.Heavy duty silicone or rubber gloves.Buckets or plastic bags to hold refuse.

This is definitely a job for at least two people, so grab a helper before you get started.

Prepare Your Space

Before the actual removal begins, prep your tree and room to eliminate mess.

Remove ornaments and decorations from the tree. Place tarp under the tree. Ensure the tarp covers all of the space under the tree's branches.Set up buckets or have bags ready before you begin.

Getting the tarp under the tree can be tricky. For smaller trees, it may be possible to simply lift the tree up while someone pushes the tarp underneath. Larger trees require more wiggling and negotiation. Try using the stand legs to swivel the tree onto the tarp. Again, you may need a few more hands to get this done.

Trim the Tree

With your gloves on to protect your hands from sharp needles, begin freeing the tree of its branches. Place them in your bucket or bag as you go along. Take your time with this step. Rushing through it will cause unnecessary motions that could send pine needles flying all over your space.

Remove full buckets and bags immediately. Don't put them in the trash! Use pine needles as a fragrant winter covering for your flower beds, for homemade potpourri, or as a fragrant addition to your fireplace.

Take the tree's trunk from the base. Wrap the end in plastic bags to prevent moisture from leaking onto carpets during transport. Dispose of the tree trunk in whatever way works best for you. Rural residents can cut it down and add it to their lumber or mulch piles. DIY disposers can take their tree trunk to the nearest municipal dump or take advantage of city services in Littleton CO.

Remove the Mess

With the tree gone, you're now left with a tangled mess of discarded needles on your tarp. Start the mess removal process by taking out the tree stand. If there's still water in it, you may want to place it in a plastic garbage bag to avoid dripping.

Next, sweep all of the pine needles towards the center of the tarp. This doesn't have to be exact. The goal is to make it easier to roll up the tarp without spilling. Once the corners are clear, begin folding the tarp onto itself to form an envelope-like seal. Having a helper makes this process much easier.

Toss your tarp, step back, and admire your clean and tree-free living space! After removing your tree, why not make an appointment with your favorite Littleton maid service to fully refresh your home?

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